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21st Century Buildings are those that are beautiful, sustainable, universal, intelligent, require far less energy to operate and are designed applying the latest construction materials and techniques utilizing the principals of the Living Building Challenge 3.0. These beautiful buildings are intended to provide useful service for hundreds of years.

Scope of Services are provided as a Full Service Building Design or by Design Phase on a task-order basis. Depending on the size, scope and timing of your project we are able to prepare Drawings and Specifications to meet your schedule and project demands.

Schematic Design

Schematic Design defines the type, style and character of the building and its relationship with its site. A Building Information Model (BIM) is created in Sketch-Up™ from which a site plan, schematic building plans, sections and elevations are created and include 3D models which aid in configuring the building's interior and exterior relationships. The most important step is Planning and Permitting.

The drawing set defines the building's size, shape, orientation, floor plans, roof lines and exterior finishes. Preliminary selections of building materials and major building systems are explored and decided for the Project. This service also includes project budgeting based on construction costs as defined in the current RS Means Building Construction Cost Data reference guide.

Design Development

Design Development commences with the approval of the Schematic Design and further defines the requirements of the project's scope, budget and schedule. During this phase major building systems addressing foundation requirements, structural wall and roof elements, building shell products and HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing systems and other owner specified requirements. At this phase a Building Energy Simulation of the building's energy requirements is developed to calculate the potential of a Net-Zero Energy Building based on a 30-year life cycle cost-benefit analysis.

We define this set of Design Development drawings as our Professional Builder Package that is complete enough to obtain a building permit and to be constructed by a Professional Builder.

Construction Drawings and Specifications

Construction Drawings and Specifications are documents with the greatest level of detail and are able to be used to secure bids in a private or public contract bidding format. This set of documents illustrates and describes in further detail the quality level of materials, system specifics, site details and other requirements included in the scope of construction. This service also assists the Owner in developing and preparing bid procurement documents for the Project.

Construction Administration

Construction Administration services are available during the construction phase of the project. Acting as Owner's representative on the site we are able to address design issues, submittals, RFIs, contractor pay applications and change orders.

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