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The Planning and Permits stage of every project is one of the most important and critical steps to starting construction of any project. We are experienced in guiding owners through the complicated process of local zoning, Building Codes and Permitting across Pennsylvania. In one short meeting we are able to advise project owners of the permits and building code requirements that will be necessary to obtain prior to starting construction. Not having a permit approval is the most common delay to any project. For both large and small projects we will make this process as straightforward and efficient as possible.

Our Scope of Services can be provided as a continuing project package of design activities or individually on a task-order basis. Depending on the size, scope and timing of your project we are able to prepare deliverables to complete specific permitting or code compliance requirements to jump start the project.


Local Zoning Study

A Local Zoning Study is performed to determine if the project's design criteria meet the allowable uses permitted in the Local Zoning, Subdivision & Land Development Ordinances and other applicable regulations. This study provides an overview of what is permitted on the proposed lot, building size limitations, allowable building uses and parking and other site specific requirements. Once all of this information is presented to the owner, the possibility of applying for variances can be explored if the requirements do not meet the owner's needs.

Building Code Compliance

Building Code Compliance studies are performed in accordance with the 2009 International Building Code. State and local codes are also consulted as they address building safety and the maintenance of a safe environment for all citizens. We will prepare an appropriate set of drawings of the building that are in compliance with building code issues.


Permitting for a number of Local and State Agencies must be obtained prior to starting the construction of any project. These permits include, but are not limited to: Stormwater Management Plans, Erosion and Sedimentation Control, Highway Occupancy Permit, DEP General Permits, Building Permit and Occupancy Permit. CM Services will help the owner navigate through the complex permitting process, create and submit all necessary drawings, documents and inform the owner of all fee and application requirements.

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