CM Services specializes in the Design of Beautiful and Sustainable Buildings for the 21st Century. We are guided by the principles of the Living Building Challenge and continuously apply new technologies to the design and construction process.  Come Live in the Future.

CM Services’ core competency is the design of buildings. Guided by the principles defined in the Living Building Challenge, 21st Century Buildings are those that are beautiful, sustainable, universal, intelligent, require little to no energy and are designed to utilize the latest technologies in the construction process.

We have guided hundreds of owners through the complicated process of developing (IBC) Code Compliant Building Permit drawings for their projects. Through Building Information Modeling are able to produce construction drawings for Homes and Commercial buildings for a fraction of the price. 

Be reminded that since 2006 the vast majority of new building Codes deal with Energy and the associated construction details that are required, those that the Building Inspector will be checking...  

CM Services' Hydronic Geothermal HVAC Designs  saves 50% on electricity cost over the traditional air source heat pump over a 30 year period. In addition, by using water rather than freon, Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSGP) will typically operate for a 30 year period rather than the 12-15 year service life of a traditional (Air to Air) heat pump. Our Geothermal Designs include vertical loop-field design, flow center, piping schematics,  material specifications and installation instructions.   

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Résumé of Projects


Architectural services are provided by Kulak Design Associates, LLC offering clients professional design expertise with vast experience on various project types that include residential, commercial, health care, municipal, industrial and LEED Certified building projects.


CM Services' Engineering Department focuses on creating responsibly designed projects that are comprehensive, sustainable and budget conscious while meeting the challenges of government standards regulating today's engineering design requirements.

Construction Management

CM Services' Construction Management Department provides our clients with direction and guidance through the construction of projects large and small. By providing professional staff and technical services; we ensure projects are completed on-time, on-budget and to the highest quality.

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