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Geothermal HVAC Design

Design Studies, Construction Plans & Specs

Includes: Floor Plans, Elevations, ASHRAE manual J Heating/ Cooling Load Calc , Manual D Ductwork Design, Equipment Selection (w/ Options), Closed-Loop Vertical Borehole Design, Hydronic system design including Equipment and material quantities and specifications.

Geothermal HVAC Design                           $1,500


Hydronic Contractor & DIY Package

Construction Plans, Specs & M&E Estimate

Includes: Closed-Loop Vertical Borehole Design and Installation Procedure, Hydronic HVAC System Design, Piping Schematic, MEP Specifications, Equipment Selection, Material Quantities and Specifications.

Hydronic Contractor Package                     $495          

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GeoT 3A Controller w/ Zone Control


Control the water temp in your hydronic surge tank, monitor In/Out loop temp and regulate tank temp to your system's requirements. Control three hydronic zones via timers and (Existing) room thermostats. Manual On for circulators is provided.      

  GeoT 3A Controller w/ Zone Control         $995



GeoT Mini Controller


Control the water temperature in your hydronic system with this Mini Controller. Monitor In/Out loop temperatures and regulate tank temperatures to your systems requirements. Manual On for circulators is provided. 

GeoT Mini Controller                                   $495

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