Double U-Tube TRT

Geothermal Borefield Design: Once appropriate equipment is selected for the building based on its heating and cooling loads, The GSHP Design software calculates the depth of the borehole based on geology, bore diameter, grout thermal conductivity, and configuration of the borefield design corresponding to the equipment selected for the building. Two options (one u-tube and double u-tube) are provided affording the building owner additional flexibility and savings when contracting with the Geothermal Drilling Contractor.

Traditionally, geothermal installers use the standard rule-of-thumb that was established over 30 years ago that 1 Ton of GeoThermal heating/cooling = 1 borehole 175' deep. Our In-Situ Borehole Thermal Response Tests (TRT) indicate that a well designed borehole in Western Pennsylvania's geology can yield far greater heat transfer rates than the standard, reducing the amount of drilling required by as much as 50%.